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Welcome to Dark Gothic Poetry pages of SorrowMan. Share my sad visions written in dark words, my pain scribbled to sad, dark gothic poems.

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Please DO NOT COPY or post my poetry to the other websites, messageboards, blogs, journals etc.! If you want to share them with someone, please give people URL/link to that certain poem in MY site instead.

Also, please do NOT ask if you can use my poem as lyrics for some of your song. Too many people ask that, and I would prefer them to rather write their OWN lyrics, not use my texts. Respect my copyright © on my poems and texts.

Sep, 13th - 2005 - 9:27pm

Gothic Poetry news!

Several people have been posting my texts as their own to some forums, websites or blogs and violated my copyright. I've been forced to send numerous copyright violation noticed because of this.

Why do some people steal texts from others? They should know better that such behavioud show up in search engines, and also some people tell me how they saw my texts on site X or Y.

Mar, 16th - 2005 - 6:46pm

Dark Gothic Poetry news!

Statistics for Dark Gothic Poetry site. Over 10000 visitors since 5th of January 2005 when these pages moved to different server.

Thank you for all of you who have visited :) And thanks to all those who have sent comments about my Dark Gothic Poems.

Writing your own texts is not THAT hard. Ofcourse it takes time, but everything takes time. So please people, write your own poems. That way you can be proud of yourselves and your acomplishments.

Jan, 24th - 2005 - 3:51pm

Tragic Love Poems update.

One more poem for the day atleast. This time one older poem of mine I digged up from it's grave and tweaked for the net.

Love is nothing but a tragedy, it's spell is broken so easily. Poem - Tainted - this is one way things can go.

Jan, 24th - 2005 - 10:47am

Morbid & Death Poems update!

Here is another new dark poem to Morbid & Death Poetry. Epitaph - I hope someone likes that one.

Influence and idea for this poem came from one image I saw in the net.

Jan, 24th - 2005 - 10:16am

Suicide Poems update!

I added one new Suicide Poem to To Suicide Poetry part. Love Me - I hope someone like that one.

Jan, 24th - 2005 - 09:49am

Dark Gothic Poetry news!

After a long time, Dark Gothic Poems site is starting to live its undead life - again. Main reason behind not to updating Gothic Poems in site, is that my laptop HardDisk did suicide (heh) and died valiant gothic death.

In that death, I lost pretty much all my new dark poetry, gothic poems, suicide poems, death poetry etc. from the last year! Besides that I lost most of the older texts and gothic poems I hadn't updated or made ready for the web! Also lost new design for Dark Gothic Poetry site :( I didn't had backup of ANY of those!

So, now I am trying to recover things, rewrite some gothic poems, suicide poems and death poems I had written. Ofcoz they never will be same :( I am also trying to inspire myself to recreate new layout for this site, but it ain't easy. I hope Later I manage salvage some of my Dark Gothic poetry from that now pretty dead HD though...

I am planning to add more Gothic Poems when I manage, maybe bit later today. Now I'll just update Dark Gothic Poems startpage (one you are reading right now).

Jan, 24th - 2005 - 07:34am

Old Dark Gothic Poems mainpage Stuff

I write only to express myself, to get things out from my mind, so my texts are dark and sad - usually - and not suitable for everyone. If you like more lighter texts, maybe it would be best for you to go some other pages...

Dark Poetry, Gothic Poems, Vampiric and Vampire poetry, Death and Suicide Poems, are something I've written quite a while, so that's one those reasons why you find these texts here.

I am not native english speaker and it should be quite clear from my gothic poems. When you find errors and such, just tell me my errors and I see if I manage to fix those.

Feel free to contact me about my writings or for anything else you feel like to contact.