So, who is this SorrowMan?

Well, I am sad soul from cold north of the Europe, from Finland. Not that north from Finland though, actually quite south of Finland. I live in small place called Rajamäki, it's about 50km (30 miles) north from Helsinki, capital city of Finland.

My nick name

My nick name is nowadays everywhere SorrowMan. I kinda prefer my nick over my real name. My nick really tells a lot about me. It shoud be my "real" name, I think. Maybe some day I try change it to my real name and see what happens ;)

Misc. stuff about me.

It seems to be my destiny to have this dark sad sorrowful mind which makes things to look so gloomy most of the time. Then again, it has given me something also, so it's not always so bad.

Sorrowful soul. That is me. Sad depressed bastard who can't do anything right in his life, that is me too. Person who only find misery from everything, pessimist. Yes, that is me again.

What I do for a living?

Well, that is really good question. Nothing really. I am currently unemployed and I am trying to do some SHAREWARE game projects to maybe some day get little income of those.

I am also writing a book, somekind of diary like thing with some my gothic poetry in it. But it probably never is finished, and never will be published. I don't think any publisher would be insane enough to touch that shit with 10 feet pole.

Besides programming and writing, I also tinker with webdesign, HTML, CSS and 3D Graphics with Cinema 4D. Here are some Cinema 4D tutorials.

I am not sure what I want to do when I "grow up", but then again I think I die before I grow up.

If you have any possible job proposition or suggestions, feel free to suggest it to me. I am in serious need of money always, then again, aren't we all? ;)

What do I like?

What are my interests in this misery people call as a life?


I read much. I read about scientific news and new technology. Besides those things I read very much fantasy literature and about myths and legends. One could actually say that I am pretty much book-o-holic. I have like near 200 english fantasy books and then something like over 200 misc. fantasy, detective stories etc. books as Finnish translations.


Metal music, gothic metal, gothic rock. Those are main music styles I listen. I stick on plain listening music because I lack seriously when it comes to musical talents department. If I would make music, it would scare even trolls away.

Here's small list of some bands I like to listen:

Rest of the stuff

getting drunk, writing dark poetry, reading lots of books, medieval weaponry, armoury and castles, watching horror movies - those are somethings that interest me greatly. Besides those, all kind of dark things manage capture my interest, atleast for while.

What do I want?

To die. Be away from this misery, maybe.

I think this life can't offer me anything that much anymore, atleast not when it comes to human relationships and such. That's because something that was most important for me, I have feeling, I have lost already or so I think.

Chainmail armour is something I want to do still before I die. Maybe also move to Scotland, England or Ireland.

That's about it, I have no hope. Life has no hope. Misery is all that life ever is gonna be for me.