Gothic Poetry

Here I try little bit explain what Gothic Poetry is to me, and how I see it. These are only my own opinions, so feel free to disagree or share your different views with me. After all, we all have right for out own opinions.

What Gothic Poetry is?

People usually think sadness, death, and all kinds of dark things when they try to define what gothic poetry is. In a way it is true that gothic poems often related to sadness, darkness, death etc. Still, gothic poems can be related to love, maybe even religion, or almost anything.

For me Gothic Poetry is something that can tell almost about anything, but it has darkness "behind" it. Gothic Poetry is word form for fears and pain that can be haunting deep inside each of us. Gothic Poems are not very light hearted at all, and most likely they do not suit for every person to read.

People do have their own opinions, and that goes also with what is Gothic Poetry. Everyone must draw their own conclusions on things and decide what they rate to be as a Gothic Poetry, no one else can do that to them. So, even if your definition would differ from mine, or someone elses definition of Gothic Poetry, it does not make it wrong.

Stupid claims relating Gothic Poetry

I have heard some persons claim that dark, gothic poetry is "bad" or it make people adore or worship death, suicide and things like that.

Some ridiculous claims I've heard about Gothic Poetry:

If I'd be kindhearted towards narrowminded people, I would pity those from whom I've heard such a crap what Gothic Poetry is, what it does to people etc.

I think those people have no idea at all what gothic poetry is all about. All they want to do, is rate/judge others by the narrowminded standards of their own mind.

People making such a stupid claims about Gothic Poetry are too stuck up with their own emotions and fears, they can't see behind those. No everything in this life is so "nice" and light and happy. There is much of a darkness in this world, so why should you be sick to see and accept that, even in form of a poetry?

Purpose of Gothic Poetry, or any art

In gothic poems, dark poems or any "art", goal is to seek EMOTIONS and REACTIONS. To say out loud what you might have been thinking in darkest times. To play with fears of your own mind. Gothic Poetry might be well aimed finger to poke places and fears, to poke things where it hurts. Gothic Poetry is also about writing dark things some people are not usually familiar to talk about.

I think that purpose of any art is to make people think things, look those things from different points of view, to see beyond fears and beyond own narrow scope on things. Also, one purpose is to try show people that they are not only one with dark thoughts, show people maybe some their own fears or thoughs in writing, show that they are not alone in this misery.

As I see it, if people read dark gothic poetry and can live through emotions they have had, it is relieving experience. I don't believe that by suffocating things, people solve anything. It's always best to discuss about things. Even bad things. Dark "bad" or sad things do not dissapear by pretending they do not exist.

What Gothic Poems are to me?

For me, personally, gothic poems are something to put my pain into. I write dark poetry or gothic poetry (if anyone can call anything I write to poetry) when I am depressed, dark, sad moods, and I am dark moods almost all the time.

Dark poems are verses of my sad soul. They tap into that darkness living inside my mind, in my sorrow, in my pain, in my misery. They are my pain and tears in visible form.

As for others, I see my own gothic poetry as gateway to darkness. a Door to dark side where they may see glimpses of their own pain.

So, you have read all this rambling about Gothic Poetry etc.? Now, share darkness with me, read some of my dark gothic poems.