Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Untold Version - Part 3

One day, Mommy Bearess made a nice yummy black porn pudding. It was a new recipe, with stinkberries and other crushed berries, and some other secret contents. Her friends told her it was delicious when they were using it as anal grease and cure for sexual problems like impotence. After pudding was ready, she told family:

"It has to cool now, otherwise it will burn your asses, so we need let it be while. Hour or so should be quite enough for that. Meanwhile let's go and visit Beaver's and see his new babe? Mummy Beaver will be cummin all over from exitement to see all us." Papa Bear and Baby Bear would been much rather tucking pudding in their bodily orifices, hot or not, but sure they were interested to see that new babe. Maybe it would be some extra hot thingy after all, never know those gay Beaver's what they come up with.

"Hmmm! We must wear our best clothes", Mommy Bearess told, "even for such a short visit. Everyone at the Beaver's will be very busy now, and we must not stay too long!", while she was checking if her fishnet stockings were straight and that her little leather skirt, so little it should more properly been called belt, sit fine. Pvc top made her look hot as hell, and Papa Bear was getting serious hard-on from sight so he had to go corner jerk and "water" sperm-flowers. Baby Bear hadn't noticed a thing of whole episode because he was way too busy reading Papa Bears porn mags he had found just while earlier. Finally after few moments Mommy Bearess was happy to her appearance so they left to Beaver's who lived in river sperm bank.

Little bit later nosy little girl named by Goldilocks, was already picking Bear house locks. She was supposedly picking flowers as she always claimed, but she was snooping around like always and because of her kleptomanic nature she was always burglaring.

"WOW! So cool house bears have with all these sex torture toys and stuff!", Goldilocks said to herself as she went in from door she just had picked. "I'm going to pee inside! Maybe nick all their cool stuff and have it all mine, MINE alone!", she though. "Knock! Knock! I'm here to steal all neat stuff", little girl yelled and smiled evilly.

Then she sneaked into empty house and started to loot and explore place. Going first to the kitchen.

"A Black PORN pudding!" she happily squeaked, sticking her finger straight into pudding Mommy Bearess had left to cool. "EWWW!", she said after tasted some pudding from Papa Bears bowl. "Bit better!" she said after dipping her finger in Mommy Bears bowl. "UUUUUH! YUMMY!!" she murmured, after taking sample from Baby Bears bowl. She started to spoon Baby Bears bowl empty with Mommy Bearesse's spoon and in few seconds she already had stuffed whole pudding to her waiting little tummy. Table looked quite messy though, and smelt bit funny. Happy and tummy so full yummy stuff Goldilocks went exploring more place to see some neat stuff to loot.

"This MUST be Papa Bear's chair," Goldilocks said, "it smells just like mammoth poop, just like Papa Bear! This surely belongs to Mommy Bearess and this to my little Baby Bear friend. I'll just shit on it a while cause it has nice hole in it!", she said out loud scaring near by tree some squirrels who were playing happily some last cock out from ass game. Goldilocks sat on little chair and pooped all she could. Maybe her poop was too big or something, but all the sudden chairs leg broke and Goldilocks dropped in her own pile.

"OW! Me bum hurts!", girl said, and eyes glimmering noticed vibrator Mommy Bearess had left on the table. She looked it and Mommy Bearess chair and turned vibrator on and put it in hole in chair. After that Goldilock sat jumpingly on it, smiling ear to ear and enjoying vibrations...