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2005-07-09. Sorry for delays in getting out new sitemap filter versions but my development PC broke up. I just got replacement laptop and need to do development environment installs before anything. Besides that I'll have some summer holiday (some music festivals to go) for now, so after I'm back from my holidays you can expect new "update" on sitemap filter somepoint. There will be actually totally new program, but I'll talk more about that when I'm back. Everyone have a nice summer :)

Sitemap Filter v0.2 (2005-06-14)

Sitemap Filter is FREE windows tool for picking/filtering certain URLs off from google sitemap XML files and submitting sitemaps to google.

Currently v0.2 Sitemap Filter supports:

Some planned features for later versions:

DOWNLOAD (360kb)

click HERE to download sitemap filter v0.2
if first download do not work try
sitemap filter v0.2 - secondary download site


Just run .EXE file, specify directory where you want to unpack sitemap filter and after unpacking, run the program.

How to use program?

When you write filters, WILDCARDS (*, ?, because support for those are not in yet.) are not necessary. just insert "sub string" you want program to filter out from sitemap (fex. .txt or .php) and press "Filter from List" button

All files that program SAVE are checked, so just uncheck (or filter off) ones you do not want, save XML. submit it and that's it.

Bug reports?

Program IS lacking features and been coded sofar extremely fast (this won't continue always, now there were need), I started to code it after I realized I needed some things other programs currently didn't give to me when tweaking Google sitemaps.

So errors and bugs are very likely, please inform me about these and I'll fix em from program when I have spare time :)

Thank you for trying this program.

Feature suggestions

Do you have great feature suggestions? If so, please contact and tell me about your additional suggestions for this tool. I am very open for any kind of suggestions regarding this program.