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Children of My Mind

Inside my mind, on darkside, there's demons hive,
through my eyes, out in the night they dive,
for weak gods children, death those demons give,
on helpless world, my demons of mind will thrive,
worshippers of the useless god, soon gone, no one alive...

Souls of the gods fools, those demons will tear apart,
hiding from them is useless, demons no one can outsmart,
from them - protects nothing, to be strong is no any rampart,
demons give no mercy, in any weakness - they hit like a dart...

From your god, pray no salvation, he is weak, can't save no one,
demons will slaughter souls, it takes long till they are done,
demons, those children of mine, are like me, they spare none...

Humans, mortals, weak images of weak god, will turn to pools of blood,
to tear off any part, spill the blood, for demons, it is power above a god...

In my eyes, tears of fatherly pride, I stare havoc, sweet demons of my mind...
Copyright © by SorrowMan. All rights reserved.