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Chaos blooms

Stare the chaos, look it in the sky,
can you see that, see how clouds cry,
can you feel their sorrow, their pain,
share their sorrow, feel the rain...

Wildly raging chaos,
nothing dare to cross...

Bloody rain of the chaos, soaking,
on the ground it pours, flooding,
to go everywhere, rain of the chaos dared,
not even the darkest ground is spared...

Growth of the vine, rise of the roses,
wild, untamed, to the sky reaches...

See those blood red flowers,
ones that bathe in the blood showers,
see them soon start to bloom,
for others, they predict doom...

From the vines, demons nest,
woven, like the finest vest...

Fiends fangs, razor sharp, spreading the pain,
demons tearing the flesh, mortals just slain,
breaking the limbs, shedding blood in the drain,
for humans, their life was for vain...

Do not shelter in the fear,
it only will you spear...

Give up the life and just die,
death is the friend, don't be a shy,
scream, let out that final cry,
in the last moment, just ask, why...

Finally just rot, to the soil turn,
for your time, in the ground sojourn...

Life, chaos, from the underground just stare,
feed the roses, feed the vines, from them care,
next time, maybe, your life they spare,
inside the mother earth, death for a while wear...
Copyright © by SorrowMan. All rights reserved.