Candycane Stripes for Candycane or barbershop pole

Making candycane stripes texture is simple and quick with PaintShop Pro. I don't have PhotoShop so I can't make same steps to create candycane texture with it, but it should be as simple with photoshop also.

Candycane Stripes - where to start from?

So, let's get started. First, create 4 x 1 pixel new image.

Create 4 x 1 pixel new image for candycane stripe texture.

After creating new image, make it's pixels to be: red, white, red, white. a Four pixel pattern as basis of Candycane texture.

Resize image

Next step for candycane texture is to resize image from 4 x 1 pixel size to 128 x 64 pixels.

See resize settings.

Resize candycane texture basis to 128 x 64 pixel size.

  • Set new image size to be 128 x 64 pixels.
  • Set resize type to PIXEL resize so resized texture do not "blur".
  • Uncheck "Maintain aspect ratio" setting.
  • Resize candycane texture basis to 128 x 64 pixel size.

    Is image that you should get as result.

    Skew image to get nice candycane stripes

    Candycane texture should be skewed to 45 degrees so it would tile nicely.

    Skew Candycane texture 45 degrees horizontally.

    Use Geometric SKEW effect to get nice skewed candycane stripes from image. Use 45 degrees horizontal skew setting.

    Select area from candycane texture image

    Ok, you should have nicely skewed candycane texture sofar and now you need to make it "tileable". To acomplish that, select 64 x 64 pixel area from image.

    Good start point would be 32, 0 coordinate and from that just select 64 x 64 pixels for your candycane texture.

    Select 64 x 64 pixel block from skewed Candycane texture.

    Crop your candycane texture image to that 64 x 64 pixel size. Now you should have ready to use texture for your candycanes or barbershop poles :)

    Crop candycane texture to be 64 x 64 pixels.

    As you see, result is tileable red and white striped candycane texture you can use for candycanes or barbershop poles.

    To see that your image works as should, you could create new bigger image of, say 256 x 256 pixels, and fill it with your candycane texture. If all went well you should have good and ready to save candycane texture.

    That's all. Secret for candycane texture is just that texture must be tileable, and skewed to 45 degree angle so it will texture properly without any problems.

    Download Candycane texture for own use in candycane or barbershop pole